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Termites are very destructive and no one wants them because they would eat up your wood structures and cause you to spend a whole lot of money on repairs. If you don’t inspect your house, Termites can live with you in your home without you knowing. We know termites eat woods, but did you know they can eat cloth, paper, carpet and even your furniture? You can protect yourself and your home better when you know the things termites eat.


After a few hours of feeding on wood, moisture attracts termites because they need it then. That’s why you see underground colonies around or outside your home. These colonies protects them from humans and other predators. When the weather is hot, they need to be cool, therefore the basement of your house attracts termites more than the other areas of your home.


Normally, when you ask yourself the question “what do termites eat?” you may have to ponder on the only answer that comes to your mind which is usually wood. What attracts termites in wood is the cellulose and this cellulose can also be found in paper, cloth, carpet and some other items in your home. Even your windowsills and floor are prone to termites.


Knowing how termites digest their feed also go hand in hand with what they eat. They do exactly what we do, just that humans don’t destroy homes to feed. Termites are needed for our ecosystem, therefore we will never be able to get rid of them entirely. Termites feed on what is available until there is no more to feed on and then it looks for the next breeding ground. If you weren’t living with termites before then, your home will need some thorough reconstruction.


When trying to find out what termites eat, you will be thinking of the places in your home where there are woods because if there is an infestation, those are the places where you find them. Identifying what termites feed on and how they feed is necessary for everyone to know. When you find out more about termites, you will be more enlightened of their destruction and devastation to buildings, structures and homes.See More here